Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I Stop What I'm Doing And Gather The Kids

This afternoon I was on a roll. The kids were napping. Things were quiet outside. I was pounding out a work article and catching up on a few work things. I had gone through my notes and rewrote a few of them. I took a little break to get some housework done. After an hour, I was back at my desk drafting an outline for another article and editing some photos. It was a productive afternoon and I had every intention of continuing down that path until dinner. Well, that didn't exactly happen.

Midway through my outline, I noticed the room getting dark. They were calling for thunderstorms, but the chances were slim. I stepped outside. The wind was blowing. The sky was dark in the distance. I heard rumbles of thunder. I took a quick glance at the current radar. A large storm was hitting just south of us.

It was then I heard collar tags clinking from the bedroom. Lobo began packing back and forth on the sofa. The kids had already heard the thunder. They were awake.

I grabbed Lobo and put him on the bed. I sprawled out on the bed too, immediately covered Sophie with a blanket and wrapped my arm around her. She was shaking hard.

After taking this Sophie & Mommy Selfie, I massaged Sophie's back with one hand and snuggled Coco and Lobo with my other arm.

Although the thunder got louder, the storm, thankfully, stayed in the distance. 

If I'm home alone, this is what happens when there's a thunderstorm, fireworks or 4th of July festivities nearby. Regardless of what I'm doing, or in the middle of, I stop and immediately gather the kids. We sprawl out on the bed or sofa.

There is no exception to this.


I have gone so far as to excuse myself early from a work if a storm breaks loose.

This time of year, I'm 'bout near manic with checking my trusty online weather site and current radar. Before we leave the house to run errands, attend an event or head to a summer cookout for a few hours, I check. I go outside and check too.

You can feel it in the air.

If there's a threat, we stay home or Lisa travels solo.

When invitations are extended our way, I'm honest and let people know our attendance depends on the weather.

Most understand. Some have laughed at us.

That's just how it is.

That's just how it goes.

No exceptions.

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