Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Human & Pup Friendly Recipes Coming Soon

Over the past few years, I've had so many people reach out and ask if make special recipe cakes and cupcakes for dogs. By "special" I mean recipes that are strictly for dogs and typically not considered scrumptious to the human palate. My answer is simple. No. I don't. In this household, the majority of what I bake is both human AND pup friendly. This includes the cupcakes I make to celebrate our kid's Gotcha Days. And, most times, if we bring dessert to a gathering and the host has fur-kids, I'll include something on the dessert platter that's both human and pup friendly.

Often times, when I reply to these questions, people are a little surprised. We make homemade dog treats and all of the meals we serve our kids are fresh made in our kitchen. Why don't I extend that to baked goods specifically for dogs?

Truth is, I don't think it's necessary. None of our kids have food allergies. In addition, our motto has always been that we're not going to serve our kids something we wouldn't eat ourselves. Yes, this includes our homemade dog treats.

I do a lot of baking, but most of that is for Lisa's breakfast and the snacks I pack in her work lunches.We very seldom eat dessert. Lisa's breakfast during the week is usually homemade quick breads, muffins and coffee cake. The snacks vary. Every morning, after I crawl into bed, she sits on the bed, eats her breakfast and drinks coffee. This is the scene.

On the weekend, Lisa eats breakfast in the living room and, on occasion, will enjoy a fresh baked snack in the evening.

Sometimes, this may happen while she's sitting at her desk.

Are you noticing a pattern here?

Lisa shares nibbles with the kids. They don't get a lot. If my baked goods weren't human and pup friendly, she wouldn't be able to share.

I would rather our kids get nibbles of my homemade baked goods than bits of boxed snacks or doughnuts from the grocery store that contain ingredients I can't pronounce. Plus, the quick breads and muffins I made are loaded with fresh, seasonal fruit and, during the fall and winter seasons, pumpkin. I also use less sugar than what's called for and replace most of the oil with yogurt.

After I explain all of this, people express how wonderful that is and then ask for recipes...which I'm always happy to share.

I was thinking about that earlier today. A lot.

I'm going to add a separate tab for "human & pup friendly recipes." In the next few days I'll bulk it up with my recipes for homemade quick breads, cookies, cupcakes, etc that you can share with your pup.

That's IF they don't have food allergies. 

Stay tuned...

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