Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Spa Day Guilt Trip Photo

A few days ago, on Thursday, I took the entire afternoon and gave all the kids a Spa Day. This happens once a month. This time around, it had been closer to a month and a half. Too long, but sometimes, that happens. Spa Day usually lasts about 3-4 hours. Lobo gets a full trim with the clippers and then a bubble bath. Sophie gets a bubble bath. Coco gets a bubble bath. They all get a good towel dry and brushing. I trim their nails. It's a lengthy process.

Lobo got his first summer trim of the year. I use a shorter setting on the clippers. A lot of hair came off. Once done, they all got baths and the usual. Sophie was not happy about getting a bath. She was enjoying her afternoon nap when it was her turn for a bath. The same with Coco. By the time all 3 kids had gotten their bubble baths, I was soaked.

Most of the time, after the kids get a bubble bath, towel dry and brushing, they get the zoomies and roll around on every single clean throw blanket. Or, like on Thursday, they roll around on the bed and dampen every inch of the blankets.

In addition, all 3 kids gave me THE LOOK.

I snapped this photo and sent it to Lisa, via email, with this caption...

Dear Mommy, 

Our other Mommy gave us all a good grooming, brushing and a relaxing spa bath with special shampoo. She dried us off, fed us bits of baked chicken breast, and sang to us.

Then, after she was done, and her shirt and skirt were drenched, and she broke out in hives (she's allergic to cats and dogs, you know), she laid on the bed with us and sang while feeding us more chicken.

However, we're still going to take a selfie, while she's in the shower, and send it to you. We're going to put on our best, "Mommy traumatized us" faces to guilt you into bringing us home a cheeseburger.

Yep. That's how we roll.

Love, Coco, Sophie & Lobo.

It worked.


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