Friday, May 13, 2016

No Problem With Paws On The Table

We very seldom have company over. Over the years, we've become selective about who we allow into our hoe and life. When we do have company over for dinner and/or drinks, it's either the handful of close friends we have or Lisa's parents. However, last week, we extended a dinner invitation to C and T. Lisa has known these women for a while and, just recently, we've gotten to know them on a more personal level. We attended a birthday party at T's house last month and we've visited C at her house a few times.

These women are talented, funny, down to earth, simple, animal lovers and our kind of people.

Unfortunately, at the last minute, C wasn't able to make it. It was just T. I spent the day prepping dinner and dessert and doing a bit of light housework.

I know I had no reason to be nervous, but I was. Out of habit. Too often, in the past, we've had people over who have curled their lip at one of our kids. They've had a problem with the kids being around the table, or in the kitchen in general, when there's food being prepped, served and eaten.

They never get invited back.

Within 5 minutes after T's arrival, she was in love with Sophie and Lobo. She fed them chicken, raw vegetables and couldn't get enough of their affections.

About a half hour later, we let Coco out of the bedroom. He can be a little overwhelming for most people as he does a high-pitched bark when new people come over. However, for the first time ever, Coco didn't bark. He sniffed T, ate a few bits of chicken and eventually lost interest in having someone new over.

Lisa and I were shocked. Coco. Didn't. Bark.

As the evening went on, Lisa or I held Lobo. He had his paws on the table. Sophie too. T didn't care. She adored all of our kids.

We had a wonderful evening and it ended all too quick.

I was so proud of our kids.

I was also thankful to have another wonderful person in our life who adores our kids and had no problem with paws on the table.

Life. Is. Good.

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