Thursday, May 12, 2016

A 40+ Year Old Doll Crib Put To Good Use

Lobo has anxiety. I attribute this to the situation he was rescued from. Although it's gotten a lot better since he joined our family, we're at the "it's as good as it's gonna get" point. For us, it's a huge improvement. I've adapted. I can prep dinner while holding him. I can type with one hand. I'm able to some of my work work from the sofa, on my secondary laptop. Both Lisa and I are well aware of his triggers. However, there are just some things that won't ever improve despite the best of efforts.

In the past, we've tried all natural, homeopathic solutions. It was a no go. There are certain options we absolutely won't try like prescription sedatives and bark collars.

It is what it is.

There are certain triggers that downright scare the shit out of him. He shakes. Hard. The vacuum. Loud banging. Loud noises where he's unable to see the source. If we hold him, have him on our lap or he's curled up beside of us, he's okay.

However, in my work-at-home-life, at times, I'm not always able to work from the sofa or hold him. Sitting on my desk, for any length of time, is uncomfortable for him.

Earlier this year, when Lisa visited New Hampshire, she brought a few things back that she had been storing at her parent's house. One of these items was a doll crib. It was made by Lisa's grandfather. I have a similar antique doll crib, that had once been my  mother's, that we have stored in the basement.

During the process of figuring out how I could manage his anxiety without having to leave my desk, Lisa and I, almost immediately, thought of the doll cribs.

The one from Lisa's childhood is much sturdier. It's large enough to fit 4 pups the size of Lobo. It's safe. Secure. And, it fits beside of my desk chair, between the chair and the wall.

We grabbed a small Pet Pillow, some plush blankets, and Lisa put the doll crib beside of my desk chair.

The next time Lobo had one of his anxiety moments, I placed him in the crib with his "Stinky." We had no idea if this would work or not.

Much to our surprise, he loved it! 

He's right beside of me. He's got plenty of cushion, his favorite blanket, my plush scarf, another blanket if needed and his "Stinky."

He immediately calmed down. He stopped shaking and barking. He exhaled. He decompressed.

Within 5 minutes, despite the noise outside, THIS happened.

He napped for over an hour while I worked.


And, during this time, there was a lot of noise outside and kids yelling and banging.

None of that mattered.



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