Tuesday, April 26, 2016

You Want To Spend Mother's Day Where?

Mother's Day is right around the corner. A few of the blogs I read almost daily have touched on the subject in one way or the other. What to get Mom. What not to get Mom. The best and worst Mother's Day gifts of all time. One blog touched on what Mom's really want for Mother's Day. I read through and was quite surprised to learn most of the Moms wanted a day away from their home and kids.
I think back to an offer Lisa made several times over the winter. She offered to book me a room at Foxwoods Resort Casino or Mohegan Sun for the night or weekend. 

"I'll book you a room with a big, Jacuzzi style tub, and you can have a whole day or weekend without the kids. You'l have spending cash if you want to play the slots, shop or enjoy a spa service or two. I'll stock you up on wine and you can have uninterrupted time to write."

I'm not going to lie. That sounds like total bliss. And, Lisa would have followed through with every single detail. For a brief moment, I was dreamy. Bubble baths. Wine. Penny slots. Quiet. 

I snapped out of it.

"No thank you."

Lisa looked at me slightly puzzled. 

Truth is, the novelty would wear off after a few hours. I can visualize myself sitting at the desk in my room, sipping wine, gazing at my laptop screen and wondering how the kids are. Lisa would probably be on the sofa with the kids and telling them that Mommy went away for a couple of days. 

They wouldn't know what was going on or that something was "off" until dinner time when I wasn't around for their pre-dinner routine. 

I'd call Lisa and beg her to Skype with me so I could see the kids. 

When the tummy rumbled, I'd head down to the buffet, all weepy eyed after a lengthy Skype session with Lisa and the kids. I'd fill my plate with food I know the kids would enjoy and that's all I would think about as I picked at my food.

I'd rush back to my room, call Lisa. Another Skype session.

Not too long after, I'd be a teary mess. Slightly boozy from the wine.

That's when it would happen.

"Can you please come and pick me up. I can't do this. And bring all of the kids. I'll be out front waiting."

When I read about how many Moms want to be away from their home, spouses and human kids for the day or weekend for Mother's Day, I can't seem to grasp that. Of all days. I'm disputing that Moms need a break or time away to unwind and rejuvenate. We all need a break from the norm. But, on Mother's Day?

To each their own. I respect that.

You know what I want for Mother's Day? A day with Lisa and the kids. No work. No tech devices. No plans. I want to make my breakfast strawberry or blueberry pup & human friendly bread for Lisa and the kids. Then, for dinner, have Lisa fire up the grill. The kids love grilled food. I'll whip up a nice salad.

I like to sneak salad in with their dinner. 

After dinner, and lots of extra playtime outside, I want to have family snuggle time on the sofa while watching a movie or two. For dessert, maybe vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit or a light, summer cupcake...something the kids can eat. 

I'm proud to be a dog Mom. Our life is crazy. Some days, I want to pull my hair out and scream and cry into my pillow. Or, hide in the closet with a bottle of wine. Or extend a hundred middle fingers to most of the human population. Or, daydream about a weekend away. 

At the end of the day, it's all worth it. I wouldn't change a thing. And, I certainly wouldn't want to spend Mother's Day apart from Lisa or the kids. My life. My world. My family. 

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