Wednesday, April 27, 2016

While You're In the Kitchen, Mom....

I love taking photos of the kids. I, almost always, have my phone or camera at arm's reach. During the late morning, afternoon hours, it's slightly more challenging to capture photos. Coco likes to sleep under the blankets on our bed. Sophie is curled up under several throw blankets. However...

For the past few weeks. Lobo has been getting up when I get up. After I make my first cup of coffee and sit at my desk, I can hear him hobbling through the kitchen...the jingling of his tags. Seconds later, he's at my feet, making his monkey noises. I get up and follow him to the sofa. I make sure there are throw blankets down for him to curl up on. I cover him with the monkey blanket. Then, I fetch his "stinky baby" from the doggy bed in the bedroom.

That's where he sleeps for most of the afternoon. He very seldom budges when I walk through the living room.

Today...this was the look he gave me. As if to say, "While you're in the kitchen, Mommy, could you grab me a cookie? I need a lil' snack before my afternoon nap. Thanks."


No problem.

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