Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Where Our Curiosity Ends

Before I even begin to write what I'm going to write, I want to make a few things clear. We are not looking for a new home. We've lived here for almost 4 years. Our landlord, who lives upstairs, is a wonderful lady who adores our kids. A few of our neighbors have become family to us. We love our home, the neighborhood and plan on residing here indefinitely. The only thing that would change that is if the universe did an extraordinary shimmy shake and perfect little house with a decent price, ample backyard and within an hour commute to Lisa's work presented itself.

I don't see that happening any time soon and, even then, a decision to move would involve a copious amount of deliberation.

Once in a blue moon, including just recently, someone we know will approach us with, "A friend of mine has a house, or duplex, for rent. You should check it out. The rent is under $1,000, it's on a quiet street and they're pet friendly."

We thank them and express our gratitude for thinking of us. Even though we have no intention of relocating, out of curiosity, we casually check it out. We'll inquire about the layout, number and size of rooms, etc. If we're out and about we may even drive by.

The kids, biscuit love, and the fact I work at home is always at the top of the list of considerations.

The most recent approach, months ago, caught our attention.

Again, solely out of curiosity.

Great neighborhood. Duplex. Rent was cheaper. Better heating in the winter. Large yard. Pet friendly. Closer to Lisa's work. Although it only had two bedrooms, it was larger than the home we live in now. Eat in kitchen.

Then, the deal breaker.

Stairs.The bedrooms were on the second floor.

Our curiosity ended there.

Stairs are not an option for us. Ever.

Lobo is special needs with only 3 legs. His single hind leg not fully functional. He also has Lyme. He is unable to do stairs or inclines. Coco, who is 5, gets a little stiff during the cold weather months especially if he sleeps on one side for extended periods of time. Sophie, who's getting up there in age, has slowed down some and occasionally misses the mark when jumping on the bed or sofa.

Stairs would be dangerous all the way around and put our kids at risk.

Even with a gate, there's always that chance. We're not willing to take that chance.

When approached again for the same residence, we explained that.

Their reply?

"If only you didn't have dogs. It would be the perfect place for you two."

I sucked in my breath.


Put on my best resting bitch face.

Shook my head.

Walked away.

I couldn't even stomach their reply let alone respond to it.

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