Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lobo Had His Yearly Checkup Today

Our lil''s been quite the journey since he was rescued by the incredible Ledyard Animal Control in January of 2015. The day after his surgery, to remove his hind leg, he was transported to our home as a foster.

I'll never forget. The 'round the clock care. His emaciated body. He had very little hair from his neck down. Deep scabs. A scar around his remaining hind leg.

Coco and Sophie took him under their wing. Instant bonding. In addition, the support from our community and beyond. Two weeks after his arrival, we sent a text to ACO Kimlyn Marshall and said, "We want to adopt him." Tears all the way around.

Two weeks later, we learned he tested positive for Lyme. Another battle for the little guy and us to face head on. The staff at All Friends Animal Hospital, LLC put him on a regimen of antibiotics.

Today, a year later, he had his appointment at All Friends Animal Hospital for his yearly checkup and vaccinations. His fur has grown back. They tested his Lyme level and it's gone from medium to low. We were concerned about his lack of mobility in his remaining hind leg. The ramp didn't work out. But, they said his blood flow and muscle felt good in his single hind leg. Exhale.

We are so grateful for so many reasons.

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