Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Breakfast And Dinner Can Be Quite Interesting

Our of our 3 kids, the one who is most consistent about eating their meals in the kitchen is Sophie. Once in a blue moon, when Lisa travels to New Hampshire overnight, she opts to eat on the chair in the living room or another area within our home. Lobo is a close runner-up. When Lisa or I are getting their meals ready, he's sitting beside Sophie on the floor. Waiting.

And making those cute, subtle hurry-and-feed-me-Mom-I'm-withering-away-to-nothing whimpers.

Coco, on the other hand, well. Sigh. We never know what his preference is going to be from meal to meal. Several times a week, when their bowls of food are done and placed on the carpeted areas in the kitchen, Coco will join his siblings, eat with gusto and lick his bowl clean.

Most of the time, however, it's never that easy.


Coco wants to eat from one of our plates.

Coco wants to eat from a medium sized plate versus large.

Or he wants to eat from the gold rimmed, antique plate used when we adopted him.

Coco wants to eat in the bedroom.

Maybe the floor.

Maybe on the bed.

Coco wants small pieces of America cheese sprinkled on top of his food.

Coco would like a few pieces of American cheese before it's sprinkled on his food.

Coco doesn't feel like eating the vegetables we have mixed in with his food.

Coco doesn't want to eat fresh grated carrots today even though it's one of his favorite foods.

Coco wants the first few bites of food to be hand fed.

Coco isn't in the mood for chicken. He wants steak.

Coco wants to eat in the home office while Lisa or I sit with him.

Coco wants to eat in the living room. Food vessel unknown.

Coco wants us to sing to him while he eats.

True story.

Coco would rather eat out of Sophie's bowl or Lobo's when they're finished eating.


This happens every single day. Twice a day. For the past almost-four years.

It certainly keeps mealtime interesting.

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