Sunday, March 6, 2016

How To Make Me Speechless And Teary Eyed 101

Being a work at home dog Mom, while rewarding and something I wouldn't change for anything, is challenging at times. Between my crazy sleep schedule, work deadlines, housework, having dinner ready at a reasonable hour, and everything between, I don't always feel my best at the end of the day. When Lisa and the kids are tucked in, I sit on the sofa, exhale and think, "Did I give my all today? Did I do my best? Did I write an exceptional article for work? Did I make a difference? Did I spend enough time with the kids? Did I...."

Day after day, I struggle with this. I'm my own worst enemy. 

Earlier today, Lisa ran a couple of errands and started the process of looking for a new reclining sofa.
I stayed home to bake biscuits and tackle some work stuff. It wasn't a quiet day. The kids were restless and barked at every noise. Several times I looked at Lobo and asked, "What are you barking at?" I busted my butt trying to get a decent day of biscuit baking in before it was time to prep and cook dinner.

Lisa got home shortly after 3:30. Amid my hustle and bustle she said, "Sit down for a minute." I did. At my desk. She put wine on my desk and handed me a Barnes & Noble bag.

She went to Barnes & Noble? That in itself was quite remarkable. Lisa does not like to read. 

In the bag were three books from my favorite authors...Frank McCourt and Wally Lamb. I've been wanting to add these books to my collection for about a year now. One I've read years ago. Two will be new-reads for me.

I looked up. I had no idea what to say. I was still shocked Lisa stepped foot in a bookstore.

"Wow. I don't know what to say. What's the occasion?"

"The books are from the kids. The wine is from me. You're an incredible dog mom and wife. We appreciate you and everything you do for us."

How to make this dog Mom speechless and teary eyed 101. Yep. That did it.

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