Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Few Words To The Presumptuous Know-It-All Clans

The other day, while out and about, we saw someone we know. Not well. And, by no means do we consider them friends. They're just people we know and see on occasion. When we spotted this person, we turned around and made our way to another section of the store. As we finished our shopping, we took turns being on the lookout for this person. I probably should be embarrassed for admitting this, but I'm not.

This person, each and every time we've seen them, hasn't missed a beat on amplifying their expertise in every aspect of "owning a dog." She'll ask about our kids. Then, even before we're done speaking, she'll interject.

Have you tried this.

You should try this.

I've done this and it works.

I'm an expert because I've done this for years.

If you don't do this, than...

Blah. Blah. Blah.

And you all know how I feel about those who label themselves as an expert.

For the sake of clarity, I appreciate the people in our life who have decades of experience. At times, we've asked for assistance, ideas, input, etc. I'm a firm believer that, regardless of how many years of experience someone has, there's always room to learn more.

What I don't deal well with are those with the presumptuous know-it-all attitudes. They'll interject and be quite boisterous about what you're doing wrong, what you should do and they're hell bent that it's the only way. Their voice will overpower anyone in the crowd. And, you can forget getting a word in edgewise.

This woman, shortly after we adopted Lobo, suggested we get him a barking collar and went on about the ones available. My mouth fell to the floor.

I expressed my disapproval for bark collars. And why.

Huge mistake.

The woman proceeded to rant about why we needed a bark collar and if we didn't purchase one and use it, Lobo's anxiety would get worse. There was also mention about using a crate.

Are you serious?

We know our kids inside and out. I'm a work at home dog Mom. I'm with the kids every single day. I know their history. Their fears. Their triggers. Their likes and loves. Their dislikes. Etc.

I honestly don't need anyone to tell me what we should do.

Unless I ask for advice.

I wouldn't think of telling any pet parent what they should feed their pup. I would never put myself on a pedestal because we make fresh, homemade meals and treats for our kids.

It's none of my business what people feed their fur-kids.

The only time I offer tips and advice is when I'm asked.

When. I'm. Asked.

If I want advice on anything pet parent or fur-kid related, I'll ask.

Until then, bite your tongue when the urge to blast me with your so-called expertise.

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