Wednesday, September 13, 2023

This Is Love


This is love. Right here. My wife KNOWS how much I hate taking the safety seal off of peanut butter containers. She knew our peanut butter jar was running low and I needed to open another one today. I had both jars on the counter when she was getting ready for work.

Not a big deal to most of you. Right? 


Today it was. For me. Since this morning, our furry kids have been on edge because of the heavy rain and storms. 

It happens. 

We have more on the way. In short, nothing has gone as planned. 


That is okay.

During the process of meal prep for Lisa and myself and making our furry kid's meals and snacks (which required peanut butter), I opened the new jar of peanut butter. Cursing the safety seal that I knew would be there. 


It wasn't.

I am not going to lie. I paused. My eyes got a lil' soggy. I sported a big ol' smile. 

This is love. 

Right here. 


In addition to the storms, our sweet Coco is not doing well. He is traveling down the same path Sophie was back in December. When she was diagnosed with Canine Dementia. 

Sophie was over 14 years old. Coco is almost the same age. 

At the time, we thought putting Sophie on medications would help. But. The medications did not help. It only prolonged the inevitable. She struggled and suffered. 

Coco, well...

We learned a lot from Sophie. 

She was a wise old soul. 

She let us know. 

When it was time. 

The very end. 

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