Friday, March 11, 2022

Not A Picture Perfect Selfie, But...


After Lisa left for work this afternoon, our kids began the process of finding a comfortable spot to nap. There are ample warm and comfy beds available. Coco and Sophie, our seniors, are fairly predictable. On the sofa. Coco at one end. Sophie at the other. Covered with their favorite blankets and lots of kisses. Our other 2 kids, Lobo and Willa, it varies. 

Most days, they love to sprawl out on our bed. On top of a queen-size plush blanket, we bought a few years ago. Prior to their mid-afternoon slumber, I lay on the bed. On my side. They each snuggle with me and I give them lots of belly rubs. 

Sometimes, like today, their routine shifts a bit as it did this afternoon. 

Coco decided to sleep on our bed. 

Sophie curled up and was snoring on the sofa. 

Lobo and Willa curled up together on the doggy platform bed in our main living room. 


Every time I moved, they perked up.

Eyes wide. 

When this happens, I know both Lobo and Willa want to nap on the sofa. 

I sat on the sofa. Both Lobo and Willa ran to my feet. 

Willa jumped up on the sofa because she can.

Lobo can't jump on the sofa. So. I picked him up. 

Lobo curled up on the plush blanket I put down for him. I covered him up.

Willa got on my lap.

I grabbed my phone to take a selfie.

She was sleepy, but I managed to snap a photo.

This is (sort of) as good as it gets around here with selfies.

I'll take what I can get. 


Be happy with that. 

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