Monday, February 28, 2022

The Month Of February Will Always Give Us The Feels


It's the last day of February. The last recap of the last few months. I took a short hiatus from writing. I'm finally catching up. How can I summarize February? 

Aside from finishing up the last room of partially redecorating, this month will always give us a couple days of feels. 

I posted this photo earlier this month on my personal Facebook wall with the caption...

"I'm having a Bit O' Feels tonight. Because. I finally completed the photo wall in our home office. Tonight. The project I have been wanting to get done for a long time. Why the feels? 

THIS was the scene a little over 2 years ago. At our OLD home. 

We were packing. Because. We bought a house. We were just waiting on the closing date. At the time, most everything (boxes, decor, furniture, etc.) was put in our home office and my DIY Dog Mom Project workshop. 

So. Tonight. As I look up from my laptop at the finished photo wall project. Big. Huge. Smile. I'll post a photo soon."

I also posted this photo. 

"When the famous cast iron pancake pan is passed down to you. The one your Grammy used. To make the best pancakes EVER. Over 40 years ago. It gets displayed in your kitchen."

And, this photo.

"Another project I've been wanting to get done. Almost 2 years after buying our house, happened."


The highlight of February was our main living room. Lisa built a couple of primitive ladder shelves to display the last of our pieces. 

"Another completed project! The corner of our main living room. To back up a bit, last August, we were gifted several boxes of family heirlooms. Since then, we have incorporated themed pieces into our kitchen, bathroom, and home office.

We wanted to display the remaining pieces in our main living room. Over the past couple of weeks, we built, painted, and detailed a couple of primitive ladder shelves. Over the weekend, it happened.

One of the many, many reasons why we love our home is because each room is decorated with a beautiful history. Passed down from generation to generation. Lots of stories. From both sides of our family. It doesn't get any better than that."

On a side note, back in August, Lisa received a sweet gift for her birthday from a couple of friends. One of the gifts was a dish towel that gave us a chuckle. 

"When a dish towel is too good to be just a dish towel, you make a throw pillow out of it."


At the end of the day...

" I reached the age of 48 in December. I haven't colored my hair in a lot of years. Yep. Letting the wisdom-highlights shine bright. And the curls are speaking their own language. I trim. As needed. No makeup. My eyebrows and eyelashes are on their own. 

I'm at the tail end of menopause. That has been interesting. I wish the conversations amid that journey could be normalized. For so many reasons. 

The past year has been. Well. Interesting. To say the very least. We have lost loved ones. Family. Friends. For various reasons stemming from dysfunction and lack of admitting fault to death from illness and Covid.

At the end of the day, We are standing strong. Proud Dog Moms. Doing our best. Helping others. Exhale."

The most notable moment of this month was celebrating our 2-year HouseAversary. On February 19th. 

"Happy HouseAversary! I posted this photo 2 years ago today. Less than an hour after we closed on our house. Yep. We were officially homeowners. We'll be celebrating tonight with homemade pizza and dessert. And, a lil' wine."

We closed on February 19th and moved on February 22nd. 

A new chapter for us...

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