Friday, February 25, 2022

A Little Recap Of November 2021


Where do I even begin for the month of November? There were lots of great happenings. Perspective. Eye-opening conversations. Shifting. Accepting what is. Accepting what was. What could have been. Adhering to our October attitude.

The list goes on...

And, that includes my time in our Bodacious Kitchen getting a whole lot easier. 


Because after going through 2 cookware sets in the past 4 years, we finally decided to invest in a set that was going to last and not let us down.

Yes, this is another "I need to back up a bit" story.

I'll keep it short.

I spent a lot of time in our Bodacious Kitchen making homemade meals for us and our kids. I use at least 2-3 pieces of cookware a day. 

Over the past 4 years, we've purchased cookware sets. Popular and well known brands. These sets were not cheap. However, in a relatively short period of time, these sets have let me down. Big time. 

The second set of cookware we purchased was in 2019. The year before we bought our house. It was an upgrade, but it failed. Quickly. There was a lot of things I was not able to make because everything stuck to the pan. 

I didn't complain. We just bought a house. I was grateful for so much and beyond. Working with what we had for the time being was simple. 

I knew Lisa sensed my frustrations. And, when she did the dishes, she got an idea of how bad food stuck to the pans during the cooking process.

In late October, Lisa said, "Do some research. Get a new cookware set. I don't care what the cost is." I did just that. It was a toss between 2 cookware sets. Expensive. More than I've ever spent on a cookware set. 

We purchased this set. It was definitely an investment, but we lucked out. At the time of purchase, this set landed on an early Black Friday sale. In addition we had some online coupons. 


This cookware set is the best. I have been able to make everything and anything. Nothing sticks. Ever. In my Bodacious Work at Home Dog Mom Life, this is gold. Kitchen stress no longer exists. I'm not limited to what I can make and that includes sweet potato homefries. 

Trust me on that one. 

Another bit o' greatness that happened is that I didn't make my annual pumpkin whoopie pies until the first week of November. I usually make these sweet gems on Halloween. But.I ran out of time. So. I made them a week late. But. That didn't stop us from spreading some sweet love. We shared with our neighbor friends.

Later in November, I posted this photo on my personal Facebook wall captioned with this...

"I have no shame in discussing pretty much anything. So. To all of my beautiful lady friends, I bring forth...MENOPAUSE! I'm at the tail-end. I'm all good with the hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, etc. BUT. The fucking sudden bizarre food cravings throughout the day and night have me graveling. 

As in. Bacon cheeseburgers. Croissants. Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Chocolate...which I could always do without. Dill pickles, jar by jar. Lemons. Peanut butter by the spoonful. The list goes on.


This is a real thing in my life now. And, you can be sure I'll be talking about that more in the weeks ahead. 

As November tredged on, we planned on celebrating Thanksgiving as we have in the years prior. Just us and our kids. And, since buying our house in 2020, bringing our elderly neighbor a Thanksgiving meal platter to last him for a few days. 

Originally, Lisa was supposed to have the day after Thanksgiving off, but due to scheduling issues, she traded that day and took the Mondaay and Tuesday after off.

There is something else that happened during the month of November, but I will save that story for a rainy day. 

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