Tuesday, September 14, 2021

We Will Embrace The Legacy Of Our Elders

When Lisa was on staycation for a week last month, her parents came to visit. For a day. It had been a long time since we had seen them. We were excited about their visit. It was the first time they would be visiting the house we bought in February of 2020. 

The day before, we prepped a spectacular lunch for them to enjoy. Appetizers. Homemade lobster rolls and potato salad. Homemade cheesecake. My handcrafted Mojitos. Etc...

When they arrived, they had lots of boxes filled with treasures. Lots of treasures. A lot of these treasures were family heirlooms. Vintage items. Antiques. 

We put the boxes and other items in our second living room. 

Our visit was wonderful and much too short. 

A couple of hours after they left, we went through a lot of the boxes. 

We were beyond amazed. 

A collection that they had passed down to us was a good amount of vintage Fiesta plates and bowls. We are very familiar with this brand because we have a collection that we've been using since 2011. This brand is not cheap especially the discontinued colors and the vintage collections. 

Our initial reaction was, "We're going to put all of these pieces aside and eventually display them..."


Over the past couple of weeks, we realized that the existing collection that we have used since 2011 is worth a pretty penny. 

And, we thought back to the forks, knives, and spoons set that Lisa's parents gave to us in 2012. Vintage. Unopened. In the original boxes and wrapping. Worth a pretty penny. 

At the time, we were going to put that collection in a tote and buy new, but we came to our senses. 

What's the use of putting all of that away in a tote?

To be stored in the basement?

We made the decision to unbox and unwrap all of the pieces and use them. 

We're still using them now and we haven't bought utensils since. 

We decided to embrace that same philosophy with our newly gifted vintage Fiesta pieces. 

They're gorgeous. 

We will treat them with the utmost care as we have with our other pieces. 

Sure, they're worth some money, but we're not interested in selling. 

Instead of storing them in totes in our basement, we're going to enjoy using them. Treating them with the utmost care. 

Like our elders did. 

And, because of how our elders treated their belongings with care and pride...

That's the reason why we have those in our home today.

We will continue with their legacy. 

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