Saturday, August 14, 2021

Just Me...


Yeah. I'm that woman. Who dances and sings in the kitchen and beyond. Who embraces my Work At Home Dog Mom Life. Taking care of my wife and kids. Desk. Kitchen. Housework. Workshop. 

I do not wear makeup. I don't give a shit about my eyebrows or eyelashes. I trim my own unruly curly hair. No more color. I am embracing those grays. Or, as I like to call them, wisdom highlights. 

But. I do adore nail polish. Because my fingers get a workout on my laptop each and every day. Working on my blog. Ghostwriting. Freelance. For clients. My book. 

I prefer walking barefoot or in Crocs Flip Flops. I hate socks and shoes. If there is no snow or ice on the ground, that's what you will see me in. 

That's me. 


In the raw. 

I do not sugarcoat stuff. 

I'm almost 50.

 I no longer care about fitting in or being included. 

Or the opinion of others. 

Our tribe is small. 

It has grown smaller over the years. 


Our goal isn't to impress the masses. 

Life is life. 

Live it. 

Be in the moment. 




Try a new recipe. 

Extend kindness to your neighbors and beyond. 

Just. Be.

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