Friday, April 16, 2021

A Few Inches Of Heavy Wet Snow Today? Not A Problem...


I posted this photo less than a week ago. It is the "after" photo of the corner of one of our backyards. The largest of the two. Lisa cut down the fruit trees. We decided to keep about 5 feet of the apple tree for decoration and 3 feet of one of the pear trees to use as a support post for one of our DIY dragonflies. 

To refresh your memory, this is the "before" photo.

Earlier today, this was the scene. 



Not just snow.

Heavy. Wet. Snow.

Our daffodils and tulips and the other multitude of Spring flowers are at their peak right now. 

Our Azalea bushes are almost at full peak. 

The heavy wet snow weighted the branches to the ground this afternoon. 

During the several snow bands that hit our area, a lot of people plastered how angry they were because it was snowing. I could have jumped on that bandwagon, but...

It's not the first time we have been slammed with snow in April. Lisa and I both have memories of getting a foot or more of snow in April many moons ago.

Last year, it snowed the first week of May.

We live in New England and this is to be expected.

We are used to it.

Coco enjoyed running around in the yard making tracks in the fresh snow.

Sophie did a quick pee and ran back inside.

Lobo tromped around until his paws got cold.

Willa loved swishing her face in the snow especially when Lisa took the tennis ball out of her pocket for fetch time.

And, for a bit of time, the snow piling on top of the flowers was actually kind of beautiful. 

Most of the snow has already melted.

We needed the precipitation.

It's supposed to be in the 70's next week.

It's all good.

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