Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Year Can Make A Difference


A day or so ago, Lisa presented me with some news. Beginning on Monday, she would be working the second shift. For a month. Maybe longer. Maybe indefinitely. Who knows. But, this didn't come as a surprise because when Lisa got a promotion at work back in June, we knew our schedule would change. Week to week. Day by day. 

Since then, we have made it work. 

It hasn't always been easy.


We are a team.

But, more so...

We are in a much different place. World. Then we were. A year ago.

Worlds better.

Back then, we would have made it work, but it would not have been nearly as easy.

Not even close.

For SO many reasons.

But now.

We've got this.

My work schedule is completely flexible. 

And, because our kids are not stressed due to, well...

They have been able to deal with schedule changes with ease.


We've got this...

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