Wednesday, December 16, 2020

We Are Beyond Grateful


We have a snowstorm heading our way. We're supposed to get 1-2 feet of snow. Whether we get that amount or more or less is to be determined. Mother Nature is very unpredictable here in New England. However, the one thing we do know is that we're slightly unprepared. 

When we bought this house back in February, we discovered that the sellers left a really nice and fairly new lawnmower and snowblower. It was a sweet surprise because those were two things that we didn't have to purchase. 

In early Spring, Lisa started the lawnmower up with no issues. She used it as needed through the Spring, Summer, and early Fall. She didn't have to mow much because we had the hottest Summer in weather recorded history for our area. And, we got no rain. By the end of the Summer, we were under an extreme drought. 

During the months of November and this month, we have gotten a lot of rain. Lisa mowed the lawn a few weeks ago for the last time this year. 

The snowblower, well...

It needs to be serviced. It has flat tires.

Between Lisa's work schedule, COVID, and the projects we have been tackling on the interior of our house since September, we forgot about the snowblower. 

And that included the weather predictions that December would be mild and we would, more than likely, have no snow this month.


That has changed.

We were caught off guard. 


Thankfully, we have a friend who plows and he has graciously put us on his list. 

That's a challenge in itself because we have a stone driveway. 

On a slight decline.

As I posted on my Facebook wall earlier today...

I am beyond grateful to a sweet man we know who will be plowing our driveway before Lisa has to leave for work early in the morning. Throughout the day. And, before she gets home from work. He is an absolute angel and lifesaver. For that, he'll be gifted homemade cookies and cranberry bread that I baked today. There is still so much kindness in this world.

He plows, salts, and sands on the side for supplemental income. 

We are more than happy to support him.

And, we are beyond grateful. 

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