Thursday, November 26, 2020

From Our Home To Yours, Happy Thanksgiving


This was the scene earlier today when Lisa took our roasted turkey breast apart. In our Bodacious Kitchen, we always cook our turkey early in the morning. Take it apart after it's cooled a bit. We put half of it aside to simmer in my homemade turkey gravy for Thanksgiving dinner. We freeze the rest. 

Our kids love roasted chicken and turkey. When it's still warm. They get lots and lots of nibbles during the process of taking it apart.

So, Thanksgiving Day.


We had an incredible day. 

Our first Thanksgiving in our new house. 

Our new home.

We delivered a couple of Thanksgiving plates to those who didn't have a Thanksgiving dinner. In the years prior, we opened our home up, but due to COVID-19, that wasn't an option.

After delivering the meals, our kids got their Thanksgiving dinner.

Then, Lisa and I enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast.

Yesterday, I posted something on my Facebook wall that sums everything up...

"I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. This year is a lil' different for obvious reasons. Yep. The big "C" word. COVID. For us, it's the first time in 7 years that we were not able to open our home to those who had no place to go for Thanksgiving. However. We ARE improvising and will be delivering a couple of Thanksgiving meals. Safely. Of course. 

This year is also different because it's the first Thanksgiving we're celebrating in the house we bought in February. Yeah. Lots of "firsts." Embracing old traditions as well as new. 

When my wife gets out of work shortly, she will be off for 4 days. A mini staycation. We have lots of plans. To decorate the inside of our home for Christmas tomorrow. Due to the bad weather predicted for tomorrow, we had to postpone decorating the outside until Friday.

We'll be busy working on our Bodacious 2020 Holiday ornaments and Bodacious Holiday pieces and packages. We will NOT be selling them this year. Instead, we are gifting them because this year, more than ever, it's all about spreading Holiday love and cheer. Unconditionally. 

We have 2 rooms left to paint. The bathroom and the kitchen. Our goal is to get the bathroom done. Or, at least most of it by Sunday. I can finish up the rest. We will tackle our kitchen during my birthday week next month when Lisa has a week-long staycation. 

We have a lot to be thankful for. Our home. Our wonderful, kind neighbors. Our friends. Our family. The kindness that many have extended to us. The many blessings that have come in all forms. And, so much more. We are thankful and humbled."

So, from our home to yours...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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