Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Happy Gotcha Days. Happy Birthdays.

Every year, we celebrate our kid's Gotcha Days. I take a ton of photos. We buy and/or make them gifts. I take tons of photos. It's always a big deal. This year, something different happened. 

In the first week of 2020, we got approved for a house loan. On January 12th, after looking at various houses and touring a couple, we found the "perfect" house for our family. We made an offer. Later that evening, the sellers accepted.

By January 23rd, Lobo's 5 Year Gotcha Day, we were well on our way of buying the house. We had already started packing. I still made Lobo and his siblings a special dinner and dessert on the 23rd.

That evening, we sat down with all of our kids for Family Snuggle Time and had a talk with them. We explained that we worked hard to buy a house and it was finally going to happen. 

That was incredible for so many reasons. And, we knew that our kids would be relieved of the noises and stress and other shit happenings that was completely unnecessary from outside sources. 

We told them about the fenced in yards and lots of space and how quiet it would be, etc.

We also told them that on their Gotcha Days this year, they could still choose a special meal and dessert for me to make. 

In their glorious doggy ways, we could tell they were happy. 

Wagging tails. 

Lots of juicy kisses.

Lots of snuggles.

As mentioned, Lobo's 5 Year Gotcha Day was January 23rd. 

We celebrated Willa's 3 Year Gotcha Day on March 2nd.

In 2 days, we'll be celebrating Sophie's 6 Year Gotcha Day.

On August 19th, we'll be celebrating Coco's 8 Year Gotcha Day.

All 4 of our kids love the new house. 

So do we.

For so many reasons that I don't want to explain. 

What matters is that we're all happy here. Content. Relaxed. Relieved. 

This house is a gift. 

For our kids.

For us. 

We are grateful and humble and we are embracing the positive changes all the way around. 


Happy Gotcha Days to our kids.

Happy Birthday to Lisa and myself.

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