Monday, February 3, 2020

Yeah. This Is Really Happening.

The photo is too dark, but this is what our home office looks like. Yep. It's ground zero. It is filled with dozens of boxes, wall décor, pieces of décor that is too big for boxes, etc. It's filling up. Quick. 

If you need to catch up on what is going on, you can read about that here

My goal is to get the rest of everything packed.

This coming weekend, we are going to finish up the packing including most of the kitchen essentials. 

Next week, with most of the kitchen essentials being packed, I'll have to get creative with meals for Lisa and myself because we do not want to depend on takeout. 

I will also be making and stocking up on homemade meals and treats for our kids. 

This is really happening. 




We've got this. 

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