Tuesday, January 28, 2020

There Is So Much To Do, But We Are Getting There

We decided to use our home office as ground zero for boxes and wall décor. It's the only room that has a gate on it. It's the least used room. And, it will prevent our kids from getting too stressed out. They don't like it when things are out of place or if there are stacked boxes in multiple rooms. 

I already have the entire office and living room packed. The wall décor included. I'll spend the rest of the week packing the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and the DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

So. Much. Work. 

I take breaks throughout the morning and afternoon to spend lots of extra time with our kids and to do my usual daily stuff like housework, cooking, and everything between.

I've been trying to stay focused enough to sit and publish blog columns, but it's hard. There's a million things that are continuously rushing through my brain. 

I found an old notebook and decided to use that as my giant reminder book so I wouldn't have 5,499 sticky notes decorating the table.

I've been reading at night before bed to quiet my brain.

Everything is happening so fast and there is so much paperwork to electronically sign and documents to locate. 

I mentioned before that we have a closing date, but we are trying to get that moved to an earlier date for a few reasons. 

We need to give a 30-day notice to our landlord. 

We want to spend an afternoon cleaning our new house before we move anything in.

We need to set a date for the big and final U-Haul move while taking into consideration that it could change because of inclement weather. In other words, we can't plan the final move on the last weekend of February.

After all, it is Winter.

We need to pack kitchen essentials which means it's time to use up all the food that is in our freezer, fridge, and cupboards while making sure we are fully stocked with ingredients to make meals and snacks for our kids.

I need to get creative with meals for Lisa and myself during that time because we do not want to rely on takeout the entire time.

Lots to do.

It's overwhelming.


This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and we are beyond excited and grateful.

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