Saturday, November 23, 2019

There Is No Excuse. Rake Your Lawn.

I posted this photo today. On my personal Facebook wall. A picture speaks a thousand words. So, this is what I posted on my personal wall accompanied by THIS photo...

"We do not have a single tree on our property. Yet. Year after year, during the months of October and November we spend a few hours leaf blowing and mulching leaves every weekend. Today was no exception.

The biggest offender is the house beside of us who have 2 older teen boys residing in the household. During yesterday's wind storm, their lawn was cleared of leaves because the leaves blew onto our front lawn.

So, badass wife took care of the situation. Typically, I do the front lawn and have my "Towanda" moment. But, she needed it more than I did. I let her have it. I stood on the front porch and yelled, "TOWANDA" as she returned the leaves to their rightful owners.

To the neighbors who heard me yell, "TOWANDA" and want to judge. Just know, we don't give a shit."


I mean every single word of that.

If you surround the property we live on, go outside and rake your leaves.

We should not have to do this for you or because of you time and time again.

It is that simple.

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