Sunday, November 3, 2019

And So It Begins...

On Halloween, Mother Nature ripped the chair I was about to sit on out from under me. I crashed pretty hard. I woke up Friday a bit bruised and extremely sore. Lisa put her foot down and told me that I needed to rest. So, I did.

I was still sore yesterday, but I managed to get a few things done while Lisa went to Home Depot to fetch supplies for our 2019 Bodacious Holiday pieces.

Today, she spent most of the day in the woodshop cutting and sanding.

By the time dinner was served, there was a gigantic box of wood on the DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop table.

That's when the reality of it all set in.

It's November.

The next month and a half is our busiest time of year.

I never feel ready for this time of year and I always panic that I won't get everything done.

But, I do.

And so it begins.

Inhale slowly.

Exhale slowly.

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