Thursday, October 3, 2019

When I Got The Steam Cleaner Out, The Kids Protested

We steam our carpets every month. Not only does it keep our carpets clean and looking new and smelling fresh, but it also helps a lot with the dust that settles deep into the fibers. I was going to steam clean the living room carpet this morning. Then, something happened...


When I got the steam cleaner out, only Lobo was on the sofa. Coco and Willa were on our bed napping. Sophie was on the kitchen dog bed curled up in her favorite blanket.

I made the cleaning solution and put it into the machine.

Rolled it into the living room.

That is when I discovered that Coco, Willa, and Sophie relocated to the sofa.

Lobo gave me THE LOOK as if to say, "You're not steam cleaning the living room carpet now, Mommy."

I slowly backed out of the living room.

Steam cleaner and all.

It's still sitting by the sink.

The kids are still on the sofa. Napping. Together.

Something they very seldom do.

I'm slightly convinced they teamed up against me to protest The Cleaning Of The Living Room Carpet.


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