Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Unless You Or Your Kids Are Made Of Cotton Candy, You Won't Melt...

For much of this week, the big topic on one of my social media streams has been about the bad weather that's supposed to hit tomorrow. Halloween. Rain. High winds. Lots of surrounding and not so surrounding towns are either canceling trick-or-treat or rescheduling it. Surprisingly, a lot of people are not happy with that.

I don't blame them for being upset.

Earlier today, I posted a link to a blog column on my personal Facebook page titled, 'NO HALLOWEEN DOESN’T MOVE IF IT’S RAINING.'

To accompany the link, I wrote this...

Back in the day, and yeah I am old enough to say that, Halloween was Halloween regardless of the weather. I remember going trick or treating in gorgeous weather, stormy weather, and trudging through wet snow. It didn't matter.

Unless you or your kids are made of cotton candy, y'all will NOT melt. Tomorrow is Halloween. It's a holiday. Let your kids enjoy the festivities. Dress them accordingly. Buy an umbrella. Drive them door to door if need be. Teach them to enjoy the moment and festivities in not-so-ideal-conditions.

With that being said, our outdoor decorations will be lit up and we will be handing out candy. Our Halloween festivities and feast will still be HAPPENING!! SO excited!

I had quite a few replies. People who agreed. People who disagreed.

One lady posted a retort on her social media referring to all in favor of not rescheduling Halloween as "asshats."

Shortly after, I posted the photo I began this blog column with.

It's a photo of my brother and I. Halloween. Probably 1978.

I do not remember this particular Halloween, but I remember the hat I wore. The feathers got wet from the rain.

In years to follow, we ventured out to trick or treat on Halloween regardless of the weather.

I remember unseasonably warm Halloween nights. Rainy Halloween nights. And, Halloween nights when we had to bundle up because it was snowing.

So does Lisa.

The weather did not deter us.

Our parents raised us to endure inclement weather.

With that, tomorrow is Halloween.

We probably won't get nearly as many trick-or-treaters as we usually do.

We will probably have a lot of leftover candy.


Oh. Well.

Our town didn't reschedule.

We are going forth with our Halloween festivities.

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