Tuesday, October 1, 2019

I Did Something A Few Weeks Ago. Today, We Got To Taste It.

A few weeks ago, I did something I have wanted to do for at least over a year. Prior to this, I adhered to my Grampie's method of shopping around for the best deals and reading reviews. And my 10+ years of utilizing online coupons. The stars finally aligned. It happened.

We purchased my dream ice cream maker. 

To back up a little bit...

Lisa and I do not eat a lot of ice cream.

We never have.

When we do crave it, we buy high-quality stuff.

But, over the years, the high-quality stuff has gone downhill.

Lisa has gotten sick after eating store-bought ice cream. On my end, it rips my stomach up.

We have tried the "all natural" versions of our former favorites.

I find it sad that our former favorites need to come out with an "all natural" version because their original product has declined.

Even the "all natural versions" have had the same effect.

All the way around, store-bought ice cream has not agreed with us.

Since last Summer, I've been tinkering with the idea of purchasing an ice cream maker.

I did my research.

I found a few models that had stellar reviews.

The price tags reflected those reviews.

I waited and waited.

Then, it finally happened.

The model I had my eye on was on sale. In addition, I had Kohl's Cash and 3 coupons that I could apply to our purchase.

We purchased a Cuisinart Ice Cream/Gelato/Sorbet/Frozen Yogurt maker.

The original price was $199.99.

After applying our Kohl's Cash and other coupons, our total price was under $80 with free shipping.


It was delivered to our home a few weeks ago.

Up until yesterday, it sat in the box.

I'm not going to lie. I was afraid of opening it. It is the most expensive small kitchen appliance that we have ever owned (original price).

It sat on the floor. In our kitchen. In front of one of our bakers' racks. In the box. Screaming at me...

Open me!

I was slightly intimidated.

Fast forward to today.

I made my first batch of homemade ice cream.

Coffee with chocolate espresso chips.

Holy! Holy! Holy!

It was out of this world delicious.

And, guess what?

Lisa did not get sick.

My tummy didn't sound like a freight train an hour after eating a scoop.

I am super excited now about this purchase and it is one more thing I can cross off our "store-bought" list.

Not only can we make homemade ice cream for us, but we can also make it for our kids too.

A few years ago, we used to treat our kids to ice cream once in a while. But, like with us, it started to upset their tummies too.

With our ice cream maker, I can make fresh pup-friendly ice cream for our kids.

Is making homemade ice cream convenient?


But, like with all the other stuff we've crossed off our "store-bought" list, is it worth it?


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