Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Kids Love Their Fresh Produce Salads

Several times a week we spend quite a bit of time prepping meals for our kids. This would include baked, sauteed or grilled lean meat (beef, chicken, seafood), mashed sweet potatoes, brown whole grain rice, steamed vegetables and a fresh assortment of raw fruits and vegetables. We don't feed them store bought food and treats.

Their morning meal always includes a crushed multivitamin and, for Coco, an additional joint supplement. 

I love this time of year because there is an abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables available. The kids love it. Even Coco, our pickiest eater, has warmed up to fresh produce.

When prepping their meals, we have one container for the meat, one for the sweet potatoes, one for the rice and, in the photo shown, one for the raw produce.

We dice the produce up in tiny pieces and mix it. Today, it was watermelon, English cucumbers and blueberries.

They. Love. It.

Their fresh produce salad changes each time we prep. We always have a ton of fresh produce on hand. Some of their absolute favorite raw produce is watermelon, banana, blueberries, cantaloupe, berries, shredded carrots, English cucumbers, apples, and green beans.

I am currently trying to get a photo of Lobo eating a wedge of watermelon. He's our photogenic child.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great snack choice for your fur-kids and a perfect addition to their kibble.

However, make sure to search which fruits and veggies are safe and which ones are not.

And, before changing your fur-kid's diet, be sure to check with their veterinarian first.

Happy eating!

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