Thursday, October 24, 2019

I Am Finally At That Point. Proud Moment.

I surprised Lisa with my homemade apple cider doughnuts when she got home from work today. This was kind of a big deal because, in the past, I've always made homemade pumpkin doughnuts this time of year. However, this year I was inspired to step out of the box.

To set the stage a bit, I am not a huge fan of doughnuts. The only ones I like are the fresh-fried doughnuts at the orchard stands this time of year. Still hot. Served in a paper bag with grease stains.

I had a favorite orchard in New Hampshire that served these doughnuts. I would get my fix a couple of times during the month of October.

Since moving to Connecticut in 2011, I have found a couple of favorite orchards. I have gotten my fix year after year.


This year, something was off. Way. Way. Off.

I'm not sure if their recipes changed or they did something else different.

Their apple cider doughnuts sucked. All the way around.

They were cold. Dry. Thin.

Even when we got a few warm doughnuts at another time, they weren't the same.

I took one bite and was done.

That was my inspiration.

I wanted to make really great fried apple cider doughnuts.

So, that's what I did.

And, that is what I will continue to do.

At first, I'll admit I felt like a complete asshole. I am not one of those people who turn their noses up at other people's food.

I was just disappointed because the doughnuts we've gotten from these locations in previous years were incredible.

This year, not so much.

I reached out to an acquaintance of mine who is a chef and has been cooking for decades.

His words of wisdom to me...

"When you make homemade baked goods and meals day after day, your taste will change. You'll start noticing when things are not the same or when someone alters their recipe. That includes the food items you occasionally splurge on away from your kitchen."

He then explained that to me in-depth about a few of his favorite restaurants who had new owners or the current owners skimped on various ingredients for productivity or to save a few pennies.

"As a chef and someone who makes homemade meals and baked goods in my kitchen 90% of the time, I can tell..."


After that conversation, I didn't feel like such an asshole.

I actually felt a bit proud.

I'm finally there.

At that point.

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