Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Tiny Snippet Of My Work At Home Dog Mom Life Day...

I spend a lot of time with our kids throughout my Work at Home Dog Mom Day. Whether it's snack and snuggle time or getting on the floor with them, there is no shortage of fur-baby love. Sometimes, I'll sit on the sofa. Just the sound of me sitting on the sofa jostles them out of nap time. They all come running. Coco, Sophie, and Willa jump on the sofa. I lift Lobo on the sofa. I talk to them while giving kisses and belly rubs.

I did that today.

I only sat down for 20 minutes. 

They loved it.

When I got up, all 4 of the kids stayed on the sofa. 

That's when I took this photo.

I felt a little guilty.

It seems as if they are waiting for me to sit on the sofa again.

Five minutes after I took this photo...

Coco stayed on the sofa but moved to the other end. 

Sophie found her comfy spot on the kitchen dog bed.

Lobo jumped off and went to his favorite bed in the Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop.

Willa got a chew bone from one of the dog toy boxes and curled up on the platform dog bed.

I sat at the table and worked on dinner prep.

I tiny snippet of our day...

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