Thursday, September 19, 2019

Willa Has Almost Mastered The Art Of Making Pillow Forts

When it comes to napping, each of our kids has a thing they do. Coco makes his blanket forts on our bed. Sophie goes around in circles pawing at the blanket on her dog bed of choice to bundle it up before laying down. Lobo won't sleep on a dog bed unless it has a thick plush blanket. Willa? I just discovered her thing.


She likes to make pillow forts. 

Earlier this year, I started noticing pillows on the floor in the living room when I checked on the kids. One or two pillows would be on the floor. Willa would be laying slightly under any remaining pillow on the sofa. 

I assumed that she didn't want all the pillows on the sofa and that was her silly way of letting me know.


That wasn't the case. 

Willa had attempted to make a pillow fort. 

Unfortunately, the other pillows had fallen on the floor. 

It's not like she can pick them up and try again. 

I didn't exactly help with her mission because when she would knock pillows onto the floor, I'd pick them up and put them on the back of the sofa. 

I thought I was doing her a favor because I had been assuming that she only wanted a single pillow.

As the weeks rolled along, Willa has improved with her pillow fort skills.

Or, maybe she was just sick and tired of me putting the pillows on the back of the sofa.

When she takes her afternoon nap, she carefully builds her fort.

If a pillow or two gets tossed to the floor, I pick them up and help her build it. She usually makes adjustments after I leave the room.

She probably doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

Another tiny snippet of my Work at Home Dog Mom Day...

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