Friday, August 9, 2019

More Birthday Gifts For Lisa. Wanted. Needed.

As mentioned earlier on my personal Facebook page, "This year, for Lisa's birthday, instead of getting her a single BIG gift, the kids and I decided to get her a bunch of smaller gifts. One gift a day until her birthday on Monday. Each gift is symbolic. Because each gift is something she's mentioned wanting over the past few months. She got her first gift the other day. A leather wallet. To replace the one I bought her in 2011 which is currently falling apart.

Today, she is getting her second gift. Shhhhhh…. "

That gift was a pair of Food Network Grilling Tongs.

Yesterday's gift was this...

A 24 inch back scratcher. In the form of a sturdy rake. Not cheap.

Several months ago, we had one.

A back scratcher.

But, Lisa not knowing her strength, which I remind her about all of the time, broke it.


We have a new one.

And, more birthday gifts.

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