Monday, August 19, 2019

Happy 7 Year Gotcha Day To Our Sweet Coco

Happy 7 Year Gotcha Day to our sweet Coco! I can't believe it's been 7 years already! When he adopted him, he was sick with Giardia, the start of Sarcoptic Mange, a bacterial infection in both ears, and he refused to eat storebought food and treats.

After many trips to the doctor, a slew of medications, and lots of love, he made a complete recovery. And, with the assistance of a canine nutritionist, we began our journey of making homemade meals and treats...something we continue to do for our furry kids.

Coco is amazing. He's got a big personality and as our family has grown, he's been an exceptional big brother. He's a snuggle bug. To this day, he still hides Lisa's dirty socks and prefers his meals served on his favorite gold-trimmed antique plate. And, he's the reason why we haven't made our bed in 7 years. LOL!

We love you so much, Coco and we are proud to be your Mommies!

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