Sunday, May 12, 2019

Our Mother's Day Weekend Was Rather Awesome

Our Mother's Day weekend began when Lisa arrived home from work on Friday. She took the kids out for playtime and fed them dinner. We made the decision to venture out for a few hours. Date night. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and ran a few errands. That way, we could stay put over the weekend and enjoy our time with the kids and doing things at our own pace.

One of our errands was to Home Depot to see if they had red Salvias in stock. They didn't. We picked up our tomato and strawberry plants, more potters, and a few flowering plants for the flower beds in the front yard.

Then, we picked up groceries for the week and ordered our special treat for Mother's Day weekend.


They were on sale for $7.99 a pound. When they offer a special on lobsters, they recommend that you put in your order early because often times, they run out.

We ordered 4 lobsters.

Yesterday, the weather was gorgeous! A full day of sun and warmth after 2 weeks of rain and cloudy skies. Lisa mowed the lawn and did other miscellaneous yard work. When that was done, she repotted the tomato and strawberry plants and we got our raised herb garden planted.

While Lisa tackled the outdoor stuff, I baked homemade dog treats and peanut butter chicken meatball treats for the kids. I tackled the last of the housework. Got some desk work done. Prepped dinner.

The kids enjoyed lots of outdoor playtime in the sun.

At 5:00, Lisa left to pick up our steamed lobsters. She grilled the steaks and baked potatoes.


The kids feasted on grilled steak and lobster too. They licked their dinner plates clean.

We ended our evening with family snuggle time on the sofa.

This morning, I made my chocolate cookie cups filled with homemade chocolate peppermint ganache filling. I decorated them with pretty sprinkles. I plated them up with a Happy Mother's Day message on each. Lisa delivered them to our neighbor friends as a Mother's Day treat.

Sadly, it rained all day. During the afternoon hours, it poured buckets. Getting the rest of the flowers planted was not an option.

But, we made the best of it.

For dinner, I made scrumptious lobster rolls. The kids feasted on steak and lobster again for dinner along with boneless chicken breasts and fresh produce.

We had family snuggle time on the sofa before I tucked Lisa and the kids into bed.

I've spent the last hour reflecting on our entire Mother's Day weekend.

We worked hard, but it was at our own pace.

We ran all of our errands (except picking up the lobsters on Saturday) on Friday.

We spent lots of time together with the kids.

We all feasted on some of our favorite foods.

We enjoyed the simple pleasures.

We were in the moment.

We celebrated Mother's Day as a family.

It. Was. Awesome.

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