Sunday, May 19, 2019

It Was Worth The Time, Effort, And Money

Yesterday, the Universe did a little shimmy shake. You can read about that here. This morning, while sipping our morning coffee, we decided that today was the day. We were motivated. Refreshed. Inspired. We were going to tackle yard work and finish the flower gardens. 

After our morning routine of feeding the kids their breakfast and taking them out, we ventured off for a few hours. Our first stop was one of our favorite places for a breakfast sandwich. Then, we headed to Home Depot for our final purchase of flowers. We left with some gorgeous flowers, but they still didn't have our Salvias in stock.

We stopped at the grocery store and then, on a whim before pulling onto our road to head home, Lisa suggested Agway. Not even 2 minutes after parking our vehicle, Lisa spotted the red Salvias. Score!

We got home during the early afternoon hours. While Lisa mowed the lawn, I tackled the housework. The kids got their first afternoon snack and lots of outdoor playtime. After a light lunch, we both spent the rest of the afternoon outdoors repotting plants, finishing up the flower gardens in the front of our home, and filling all of the bird feeders with seeds and homemade nectar.

By the end of the afternoon, our hands were stained with soil. We were soaked with sweat. Our muscles hurt a bit. But, the front of our home looks gorgeous. It was worth the effort and time and money.

After taking showers, Lisa fired up the grill. I poured a glass of wine. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner. More outdoor playtime with the kids. Family snuggle time.

Time. Well. Spent.

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