Thursday, May 30, 2019

If You Listen, They Will Speak To You

Sometimes, for no reason at all, one of our kids will glare at me. With a serious expression. It's not snack time. There are no loud noises. I don't have the vacuum out. I'm not cooking roasted chicken or sautéed steak or prepping other additions to their meals like fresh produce. Lisa is at work. There is no music on. I'm not singing. So...

I have always attributed these moments as, "Mommy, we need to talk about something..."

During these moments, I'll pick up whichever kid is looking at me like this. Give them kisses and hugs. 

And ask, "What is wrong?"

Today, Lobo's answer was rather short.

"Mommy, we're almost out of our favorite peanut butter chicken meatball treats. I heard you and my other Mommy talking about this. When are you going to make more?"

I kissed his tiny head.

"Today or tomorrow, Lobo."

"Okay, Mommy. Just checking."

Life is back on track.

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