Saturday, April 27, 2019

This Was The Scene When Lisa Took Coco To The Doctor

Our kids never fail to surprise or amaze us. Today was one of countless examples. Lisa took Coco to our local veterinary hospital for vaccinations and a wellness check. This was the scene immediately after Lisa closed the door. The photo itself may not depict the relevancy, but...

It speaks on a multitude of levels for us.

To set the stage...

When we take our kids out, it is never at the same time and we do not take all 4 of our kids out at once. We have in the past, but with the large amount of hawks and eagles that fly low and large wildlife that is getting closer and closer (bobcats, coyote, etc), we're not taking any chances.

We take 2 kids out at the same time at most.

When our kids are taken outside to go potty and have playtime, the ones inside waiting their turn are patient. They'll lounge on any of the doggy beds or the sofa.


When Lisa takes any of the kids to the doctors for nail trims, vaccinations, wellness checks, etc...

They. Just. Know.

The sudden change in their behavior tugs at my heartstrings.

I took the above photo about 5 minutes after Lisa left to take Coco for his vaccinations and wellness check.

They gathered at the back door and whined the entire time.

They were not interested in snacks or playtime.

When I sat on the floor, which they normally love, none of them spent any length of time with me.

Although it tugs at my heartstrings, in a makes me happy.

Our kids all have a deep bond with each other.

When Lisa returned 45 minutes later with Coco, they were all happy.

They all sniffed him. Coco sat and embraced them welcoming his return.

Life resumed back to normal...

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