Friday, April 19, 2019

Spa Days And Shopping Sprees Do Not Rejuvenate My Soul, But These 10 Things DO...

Every other month, an acquaintance of mine gets together with a few of her friends for a "Girls Day Out." They enjoy a mini spa day that includes manicures, pedicures, and a facial. That's followed by a little shopping spree either at the mall or the Tanger Outlets. Their day ends with cocktails and dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Shortly before their last outing, she suggested I join them.

"You'll have fun! You deserve a day of indulgence. Treat yourself. Nothing rejuvenates your soul like a trip to the spa, shopping, and cocktails."

I politely declined.

I know she meant well, but I am not the type of person who enjoys spas and shopping and sipping overpriced cocktails.

I clip, file, shape, and polish my own nails.

I've had 3 facials in my entire life. I didn't enjoy any of them. My face has survived almost 20 years without a facial.

I do not enjoy recreational shopping. If we go shopping, we have a purpose. We need or want something specific that I am not able to buy online.

Cocktails, well...I do enjoy those, but at $12 or more for a single cocktail, I'd rather make my own handcrafted cocktails at home.

Before you get the impression that I'm boring and don't get out or treat myself.

I do...

1. Books. One of my favorite things to do is read. Twice a month, I order a book or 2 from Amazon. Or, if we're out and about, I'll buy a book if it catches my interest.

2. Home Depot or Lowe's. Lisa and I love these retail locations. They inspire us. It's our one stop shop to stock up on supplies for DIY Dog Mom Projects, gardening, and any other odds and ends we need for household projects.

3. Flea Markets. This is where we find unique pieces to repurpose or vintage items for our home.

4. Yard Sales. One persons junk is another persons treasure. We have found a lot of cool items to repurpose or makeover.

5. The Ocean. There are a lot of saltwater coves/beaches nearby. The one in Niantic is our favorite. During the warm weather months, we'll go during the after hours to walk the beach. We search for shells and sea glass. Then, we'll enjoy a picnic dinner with a view.

6. Farmers Markets. We support our local farmers, artisans, and bakers. And, we certainly love to chat with them.

7. Hank's Dairy Bar. This place has been around for decades. It's a seasonal, outdoor "hole in the wall." It's right down the street from us. It reminds me of the Tamarack Restaurant in Laconia back in the 80's when it was great. Hank's has the best food from burgers to seafood and clam cakes. In fact, tomorrow, we're treating ourselves to lobster rolls at Hank's Dairy Bar.

8. Homestead Herb Farm. We've been buying our herbs and spices from here for over 5 years. The older gentleman who owns it is absolutely wonderful. He knows us by name. We always enjoy conversations with him while we stock up. A couple of years ago, Lisa shopped solo because I had a bad cold. He sent Lisa home with a complimentary bag of loose tea to ease my symptoms.

9. Our Backyard Firepit. We have made many, many memories while sitting around the firepit with friends who have become family. We've shared food and drink. Had many great conversations. Lots of laughs. Sang 80's love ballads late at night. Witnessed a miracle. Etc.

10. Spending Time With Our Kids. I saved the best for last. Whether it's playtime or snuggle time, our kids rejuvenate our souls each and every single day. Our life revolves around them. They're our world.

And yes, all of the above rejuvenates my soul.

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