Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I Do Not Like It When People Ask Us This Question

This photo was taken back in 2014. A few months after Sophie joined our family. At the time, and for almost 2 years, it was just Coco and us. As with all of our kids, including Coco who we adopted in 2012, our family getting bigger was not planned. The Universe did a lil' shimmy shake. It just happened. The day Sophie joined our family. It wasn't planned. On that day, we traveled to a destination well over an hour from our home to deliver Bodacious Biscuit Love. We left with a new addition to our family. It took over a week for Coco and Sophie to bond and become inseparable.

I love and adore this photo for so many reasons.

Less than a year after this photo was taken, Lobo joined our family. Then, less than 2 years later, Willa joined our family.

Throughout the years, when people learn that all of our kids are rescues, they've asked a similar question.

"What situations were your kids rescued from?"

I honestly hate that question.

I know that people mean well.


It's not something that we want to discuss for several reasons.

The first, we don't really like talking about it. On occasion, it's come up in conversation with other people who have adopted rescue animals. But, for the most part, it's not something I want to talk about over dinner and drinks.

The second, I'll probably cry. When I think about the situations our kids were rescued from, it shatters my heart. I get teary eyed. I've seen the "before" photos. We know the horrific details. We know that with a couple of our kids, they almost didn't make it. Talking about it in length makes me cry like a baby.

The last, most of the information is confidential. What the authorities shared with us will stay with us. We will be taking that information to the grave with us.

What we do love to discuss is how far our kids have come since they joined our family. Like with most rescues, they all have traits that make them unique.

They've healed. They're happy and loved.

And, we are so proud to be their Mommies. 

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