Friday, March 22, 2019

Growing Pains. You Live. You Learn.

During the 5 year span of Bodacious Biscuit Love, we learned quite a bit about the less than favorable side of human nature. Throughout those years, those lessons transpired into making lots of changes both big and small. In the beginning, we never thought that people would fail with making payments for biscuits or steal from our displays because all of the proceeds were used to provide biscuit love for rescue and shelter pups. But. We were wrong.

Over the past couple of years, we've gone through something similar with our Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects. It's not to the extreme like with Bodacious Biscuit Love.

The wisdom we gained from Bodacious Biscuit Love has carried over.

But, we're human. We're still learning. Situations are going to present themselves whether we like them or not. 

For example, early last year when people ordered custom pieces, we used to start on them immediately. 


A few people ordered custom pieces and didn't make payment right away. A week would go by. Nothing. After a week and a half, I'd send a private message or email. I'd get one excuse after the other. 

Long story short, for those who followed through with payment, we waited for almost a month to receive those payments. 

For those who didn't, we were left with pieces we couldn't sell because they were custom personalized orders. 

Not. Happy. 

Shortly after that, if someone wanted a custom piece, payment had to be received before we spent the money on supplies and started their piece.

Problem. Solved. 

Another issue we've stumbled on over the last year are those who claim pieces, but weeks later, after sending message after message to remind them, they are no longer able to claim them.

Not. Happy.

We don't mind holding onto pieces for those who want to arrange a pickup at a later date. 

Not. A. Problem.

Just recently, a friend of ours purchased a couple of pieces and picked them up a week later. We both have busy schedules so it was just a matter of our schedules aligning. 

But also, just recently, we held a piece that someone claimed. It was a piece that wasn't able to be shipped. 

After waiting for a week, I had to send a private message to touch base. I was informed the piece would be picked up the following week. 

Not. A. Problem. 

It's "the end of the following week." As of today, I have not heard anything. No one showed up to claim the piece. 

I'll be sending another message tomorrow.

And, we'll be making more changes in the days to follow.

We don't mind holding pieces. 

We understand that life happens.


I expect people to stay in touch. Keep us updated.

If someone grabs an item or items and we hold them, we mark them as sold.

A few weeks down the road, if they're not picked up and the person who grabs the item/s isn't able to pick it up or they change their mind, that makes it hard for us because now we have to repost the item/s.

This. Does. Not. Make. Us. Happy.

Making changes is hard.


They're necessary. 

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