Thursday, March 21, 2019

Find A Vacation Every Single Day...

A friend of mine posted a meme earlier this week that caught my attention. It didn't include who said it. It read, "One time I talked to this old man and he told me to find a vacation everyday, even if it's walking outside and feeling the grass between your toes." I thought about that single sentence throughout most of the day. About an hour after I stumbled across the meme, I snapped this photo.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that Lisa and I don't take vacations or escape for the weekend. We haven't for years. That's more than okay. Our family has grown over the years. We do not board our kids. We do not rely on others to take care of our kids.

If we were to leave on an overnight trip, our kids would have NO idea why we were not home after a few hours.

We do not have it in us to do that to them.

We have made a lot of sacrifices over the years.

NO regrets.

We can definitely relate to finding a vacation everyday.

And, I like the sound of that.

A. Vacation. Every. Single. Day.

For us, that translates to...

Playing Yahtzee at the kitchen table while eating dinner.

Extra playtime outdoors with our kids.

Lots of extra playtime indoors with our kids.

Family snuggle time.

Sitting on the front porch watching the birds feast at our bird feeder buffet.

Sitting on the front porch observing the hummingbirds during the warm weather months.

Doing yard work.

Escaping for a few hours to frequent yard sales and flea markets to scoop up treasures to repurpose for up-for-grab items or to keep for ourselves.


Walking the ocean shore after hours to scoop up treasures like shells and sea glass.

Date nights at Hank's Dairy Bar.

Creating Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project pieces.

Backyard fires with our neighborhood tribe who have become family.

The list goes on.

We love our home.

We love our family.

We love our tribe.

That is vacation for us.

In our Bodacious Dog Mom world, vacation doesn't translate to days away from our home and family.

It means enjoying what we have.

What we do.

Here at home.

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