Thursday, February 7, 2019

We Are A Little Off Schedule, But...

Our holiday Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project rush begins towards late September and ends mid-December. Once the rush winds down, I spend the week before Christmas baking and putting gift baskets together. During the week between Christmas and New Year's day is spent taking down the indoor and outdoor decorations and catching up on anything and everything that got put on the back burner during the month of December.

In January, we take a few weeks off from DIY Dog Mom Projects. We clean and reorganize the woodshop and Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop. Exhale a bit. Take some time to plan out what we'll be making in the weeks and months ahead. Brainstorm new ideas. Etc.

This year, our schedule changed a bit...

In January, Lisa and I were hit with the nasty cold flu virus that's been going around. Lisa got sick first. I came down with it a week later. From start to finish, it lasted almost 3 weeks.

Then, last week, Lisa found out she'd be managing a work project in Hartford all of this week. The commute is over an hour one way.

Although she has enjoyed managing this project and her team has busted some serious ass, the travel to and from is exhausting. She's been getting home late. Tired.

On top of everything, we're pet sitting tomorrow through Monday.

Today, Lisa found out that she will be continuing with this Hartford project next week. She's very enthusiastic about the second half of the project, but not necessarily looking forward to the commute. 

When Lisa gets out of work next Friday, she'll officially be on vacation. But, the following day, Lisa is making a day trip to New Hampshire.

On Sunday, we'll be pet sitting again until the following Sunday.

Between being sick, Lisa's work project, pet sitting, and most everything between, our break from creating Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects has lasted a little longer.

That's okay. We're not stressing about it. We've already made plans to spend a considerable amount of time in the woodshop and Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Project Workshop during Lisa's week long vacation.

To move things along, I made another decision.

I'm going to tackle all of the Spring Cleaning next week Monday through Thursday. That way, when Lisa's vacation is over, Spring Cleaning will be done and over with and I can focus on Bodacious DIY Dog Mom Projects and other work stuff.


This year, Spring Cleaning is going to be much different than it has in the years prior. I'll be able to get all of it done in a few days.

On Friday, I'll be making goodies and putting together a gorgeous gift basket for Lisa to take to New Hampshire.

When Saturday rolls along, I'll get a bunch of work stuff done. I'll bake homemade dog treats and prepare our kid's meals for the next few days.

On Sunday, Lisa can rest and relax and catch her breath from the week and her travels to New Hampshire.

Then on Monday, we'll be in the woodshop.


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