Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Sibling Day Isn't Just For The Hoomans

Today is National Sibling Day. I've already scrolled through several hundred photos and captions by those who are honoring their brothers and sisters. It's sweet. Some of these tributes have gotten me a bit choked up. I have one brother. Our communication has withered down to sending a text on each others birthdays. That's it.

True story. 

This morning, while sitting at the table, I watched our kids eat their breakfast. Towards the end of their morning meal, Sophie makes her rounds to lick the bowls clean. Before Coco is done his food, Sophie will clean the floor around his bowl. He lets her. While Sophie is cleaning Lobo's bowl, Lobo will lick Sophie's bowl clean. This is what they do during every single meal.

After breakfast, Coco and Sophie jumped on the bed. Lisa lifted Lobo onto the bed. There were a dozen chew bones scattered on the bed. They all selected the ones they wanted and chewed inches apart from each other. Once done, they found a comfortable spot and curled up for a nap. Sophie was under her favorite blanket. Coco was under the blankets, up against Sophie. Lobo waited for them to get comfortable and then found a spot and mashed his body against both of theirs.

While all of this was happening, I thought, "All three of our kids have a bond I can't even begin to explain. They're siblings."

It was then I posted this image on my personal Facebook page. The caption read, "Our kids wanted me to post this because sibling day isn't just for the hoomans."

I left it at that.

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