Monday, February 4, 2019

Spring Cleaning Is Going To Be Completely Different This Year

For most of my adult life, I've had an unusual habit. No matter where I've lived, at least once a year, I get the urge to move furniture around. As in, I need to redo at least one room. I've always caved to this urge. Lisa has been more than patient with my redecorating endeavors even if they weren't efficient or practical. This year, that has all changed...

Last May, we tackled our Big Bodacious Painting Project. It took 2 weeks. We painted every single room in our home. Lisa took the first week off. Over the second week, I worked on our Big Bodacious Painting Project during the day while she was at work. Then, she'd help out for a couple of hours after she got home from work.

To back up a bit, when we moved into our home in July of 2012, every room was painted the same color. Off white. Flat paint. The ceilings were painted the same color as well.

With flat paint, it's 'bout near impossible to wash if there's a splatter or scuff. Magic Erasers only go so far.

Eventually, our walls looked horrible. Drab. Dirty.

Last year, it was time. 

We picked out colors for each room. High quality paint that could easily be washed.

When we sat down to choose the colors, it was made quite clear that after we cleared a room, made a few minor repairs to some of the walls, and spent the time painting it, that was it.

The home office would always be the home office.

Our bedroom would always be our bedroom.

You get where I'm going with this...

In other words, if I got the urge to switch rooms up or move furniture or wall décor, I'd have to fight it instead of caving to it.

Okay, I could do that.

Now, here it is...almost a year later.


It's almost time to begin my Spring Cleaning.

This is the first time in my adult life that Spring Cleaning will not involve moving furniture, wall décor, or switching this room with that room.

I've envisioned making a few changes. In my head. But, I've had to resort to my bucket o' willpower.

I've had to accept the fact that this year, Spring Cleaning will be just that.

Spring. Cleaning. 

Most people would be happy about that because, let's face it, moving furniture and completely rearranging a room here or there sucks.

But, for me, it doesn't suck.

I need to convince myself that it does.

And, embrace that I only need to Spring Clean.

I'll get there.


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