Monday, February 25, 2019

Mother Nature Had Other Plans For Me Today

It's back to the grind for the both of us today. We were both up at 4:00 a.m. Lisa left for work at 5:20. I immediately jumped into my usual morning routine. I had a bunch of work stuff that I wanted to get done today. Blog columns. Social media. Creating a new homemade dog treat. Grind chicken to make a big batch of Bodacious Magic Meatballs. Work my magic on the Bodacious DIY Birdhouses that Lisa built last week. Housework. But...

Mother Nature had other plans.

We are getting pounded with a massive wind storm.

We knew this storm was coming yesterday. We did a little prep work just in case we lost power. We held off on doing grocery shopping.

The winds started on the overnight. A few big gusts that sounded like freight trains woke me up.

When Lisa left for work, it was windy but the worst of the storm hadn't hit us yet.

I sat at the kitchen table and worked on blog columns. The kids weren't too bothered by the wind at that point.


The wind picked up.

Our kids don't like the sound of the wind when it sounds like a freight train going down the street. They paced. Barked. Were glued to my feet. They were scared.

I spent most of the afternoon comforting them. I sat with them on the floor. On the bed. On the sofa. I fed them extra snacks. We played. Snuggled.

During the tiny intervals of time between mega gusts, I got a bit of housework done.

It was not a productive day. 

I knew that most of my Work at Home Dog Mom To-Do List would have to wait until tomorrow.

Lisa arrived home later than usual from work. She made a pitstop at the store to pick up a few things and a couple of grinders for dinner.

We enjoyed a little family snuggle time on the sofa. We were all keeping our fingers and paws crossed that we didn't lose power.

They extended the high wind warning until 1 a.m.

I tucked Lisa and the kids into bed about an hour ago. The wind is still fierce. I have one of our flashlights beside of me.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.

More so...I'm hoping we still have power in the morning.

To all my Connecticut peeps and beyond who are dealing with this horrible wind, stay safe!

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