Tuesday, February 26, 2019

I Wanted To Share This Moment With You

When Lisa gets home from work, I'm usually in the middle of prepping dinner or finishing up something I'm working on. Regardless of what I'm doing, the kids always let me know when Lisa is home. For the longest time, I have been wanting to capture that very moment. The other day, I finally did.

I was sitting at the kitchen table working on blog columns. The camera was less than 12 inches away. Coco and Willa were on the sofa napping. Lobo was on the kitchen doggy bed. Sophie was on our bed. They heard Lisa pull into the driveway and the vehicle door shut.

When the kids hear that magical noise, they run to the door.

And wait...

I grabbed the camera and snapped some photos.

A few seconds later, Lisa unlocked the door and walked in.

It's one of my favorite moments throughout the day.

And, I just wanted to share that with you...

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