Thursday, January 3, 2019

I Was Inspired To Crochet. So, I Did. And, I'm Not Stopping.

Last month, I crocheted a double thick winter hat for Lisa. The inspiration behind that derived from two sources. The first was the super adorable hat I crocheted for one of Lobo's Gotcha Day Celebrations. The other, what happened last winter when we ended up getting over 2 feet of snow during a March snowstorm. 

Lisa takes care of the yardwork during all four seasons. When we had our first snowfall last year, Lisa searched high and low for a winter hat in both of our closets and in our winter clothing totes. Even though her winter Columbia jacket had a hood, she wanted a hat to wear. During that particular snowstorm, it was windy.

The only hat we could find was a pink one. Not her favorite color at all. And, it was small and thin. But, it was the only one we could find. She wore it. 

On a few occasions, after the first round of snow removal, a few hours later, she had to go out for round two. The pink hat was still wet.

When December rolled around, and after crocheting a ton of mini scarves and hats for our Bodacious Wooden Snowmen, Lisa hinted around that she would prefer handmade hats instead of store bought.

Okay. I could do that.

And, I did.

For this particular hat, I used double strands of yarn to crochet. Black. Maroon. The hat is thick and warm.

Of course, I made a goofy pompom for the top because I knew Lisa would appreciate that.

When I gave Lisa the hat, she was quite impressed.

I'm going to make her a couple more. That way, when we get big snow storms, she'll have dry hats available between snow removal sessions.

Crocheting all the hats for our DIY Dog Mom Project Bodacious Snowmen also inspired me in another area too.

I want to make them for furry kids.

Furry kid hats are adorable especially those special occasion hats. And, they're great for photo sessions.

Some furry kids don't like wearing apparel. Lisa and I can both attest to that firsthand.

Sometimes, hats are the way to go especially for cats and other small animals.

To extend on that, I'm also thinking about making furry kid hats for special occasions, holidays and everything between.

The possibilities are endless.

I'll keep you posted...

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